Bath Riverside Dig Yields Array of Artefacts

A haul of artefacts from yesteryear has been uncovered at the site of the largest regeneration project in Bath thanks to the efforts of local enthusiasts.


Steve and Richard show off some of their finds

Collectors Steve Williams and Richard Tucker spent a day onsite at Crest Nicholson’s Bath Riverside development with the hope of uncovering some interesting and unusual artefacts at the site of a former refuse tip to the rear of Victoria Buildings.


Among the finds were a variety of inkpots dating from around 1840, jugs and bottles, as well as marmalade jars, smoking pipes and even a Victorian sandal.


Steve Williams said, “We have been digging for many years, but it is rare that we have had the opportunity to dig on sites in Bath, however we were really pleased with the day’s findings.”


“Our finds included several small stoneware ink pots which are often referred to as ‘Pork pies’, and a large cream pot which would have had a cork top and waxed seal covering to preserve the contents. We also uncovered a blue and white meat paste pot which was a very common product in 1870-1900, although this particular example is unusual as it has a printed design.”


“We are extremely grateful to Crest Nicholson for giving us this opportunity.”