Community & Environment

We have included different sustainable and environmental initiatives across the development.

The Bath Riverside Art Strategy is an initiative to create visual points of interest across the whole development. Local artist Peter Dickinson is curating this on behalf of Crest Nicholson. We are working in partnership with the local community of artists, organisations and residents to help to create a legacy for not only the immediate area but also the vibrant city of Bath.

There is a focus on the theme of elements in order to reflect on the various industries that have been based around Bath’s riverside area over the past 200 years. These artistic touches aim to create an element of surprise throughout the development and include carefully designed eccentricities which pop up on walls, metalwork, glass and landscaping, as well as a host of quirky carvings, bins, lamp-posts and wall art.

In addition to the Art Strategy we have been supporting a wide range of causes throughout the city including Bath City Farm, Threeways School, Oldfield Park Infant School, Aquae Sulis Performance Swimming Club, Bath Arsenal Football Club, The Museum of Bath at Work and more.

Bath Riverside Public Art


Click here to download details of our Stone Carving Project