Crest Nicholson Makes A Splash With Charity Donation


A weekly hydrotherapy session for children with disabilities and special needs in Bath has received funding for the coming year from Crest Nicholson Regeneration.

The developer responsible for the regeneration of the Bath Riverside site has provided funding for Splashers which takes place at Threeways School Hydrotherapy Pool.

Splashers is part of Bath Swim Therapy, an organisation which provides a range of therapeutic swimming sessions designed to benefit children with a variety of disabilities and special needs. It also helps parents and carers to learn how to work with their children to gain the maximum therapeutic benefit from the water.

The sessions incorporate games and activities, including singing, to encourage focus and concentration, communication and social interaction. They allow the parents and carers to enjoy quality time with their children in the water, and help them to gain the confidence to take them swimming on their own.

Sarah McCowen from Chew Magna attends Splashers every week with her 15 month old son Finn who was born with polymicrogyria, an abnormality in brain formation, which among other things has resulted in cerebral palsy.

Sarah says that the sessions are invaluable for Finn, helping him to move and exercise more easily, and therefore alleviating some of the symptoms of his condition.

“Because it’s so much easier for him to move in the water he gets very excited, it’s great exercise for him and it’s also a real sensory experience.”

“Because of his condition he can’t go out and experience the world, so you have to bring the world to him in any way possible. He loves it and we are extremely grateful to Crest for giving their support.”

“We take what we learn at Splashers and take Finn down to our local pool so he can enjoy more time in the water. It’s not the same for all children though – some can’t use normal swimming pools and so hydrotherapy at Threeways is the only option for them.”

Ian Steed, Development Executive for Crest Nicholson Regeneration said, “Bath Swim Therapy is a superb organisation, and the Splashers group provides a range of benefits for the children, parents and carers. These sessions are important to help to improve the quality of life for these families, and Crest Nicholson Regeneration is delighted to be able to sponsor this extremely worthwhile cause.”

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